Expansion is one of the most critical stages of a company. You have a great product, you have successfully launched it in the market, you have achieved great revenues. But now, comes a common challenge: never stop innovating to never stop growing. How to address it and infinitely scale your business? In this infographic, we share 7 key factors to expand your digital growth. Download the pdf version.

From Startup to Infinite: 7 key factors to expand your digital growth

7 key factors to expand your digital growth

Get access to the best minds in the market, wherever they are

Make sure you have the right people doing the right thing. We are in a global economy, so distance-neutral teams are imperative to gain agility and delivery capacity. You need the best talents, not the best talents near your office. Where are the skills needed to create and evolve your products from start to finish? Go and get them: strategists, developers, engineers, designers, makers and dreamers.

Work with the right tools and practices to connect, engage and perform the right talents

It’s not enough to have distance-neutral customized teams. They must be connected, engaged and performed to ensure great results. The focus must be on interaction, integration, efficiency and quality of relationships between members. They must be part of a whole, of a global and unified framework.

Be sure your team is happy and empowered

How can your team perform at its best if it’s not satisfied and qualified with everything it needs to succeed? Education-first and morale-focused initiatives are mandatory for any company that pursuits infinite expansion. Regularly check how things are going and act accordingly.

Never lose the ability to encourage new big and small ideas and a continuous improvement approach

Your team is a great ideas generator. Take advantage of its experience, skills, fieldwork, insights and customer knowledge to promote a native innovation culture, both on products and processes. Establish intuitive bidirectional communication channels and always return a response.

Hear your clients and consider end-users feedback about your offerings

How can you increase your growth power if your products don’t reflect customers’ opinions? Today’s expectations can be different from tomorrow’s. Things change, market changes, problems/ambitions change. Be aware of end-users’ feedback and timely make the necessary adaptations to your offerings.

Let your peers and community inspire you, anticipate trends, check the competition, and be better all the time

What are your peers doing to thrive? What can you learn with them and with the community around you? Be inspired by them and deliver today what the future holds.

Remember that it’s much more than tech – business purpose, strategy, creativity, agility, adaptability are essential parts of the growth equation

Your company is a living cell and to successfully address an ever-changing market, you need to be adaptable, responsive and proactive. You need everyone involved in your business purpose and culture-fitted. What’s your mission and vision? Be sure that any team is aligned with it right from scratch and have metrics and traceability of what is being done at any given time.

Finally, lean on partners that can truly help you face any digital demand – today and in the future. Partners specialized in the business expansion phase. Partners like Invillia. Let’s talk about your specific challenges and discuss how our very customized innovation teams can leverage your digital growth, from Startup to Infinite.

Posted at 01/22/2020


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