Regularly adapting the business structure to innovate and grow faster is a premise for successful entrepreneurs. Stay ahead of the competition, keep up with market evolution, anticipate trends, consider customer feedback, expand delivery capacity are a never-ending pressure that requires new approaches, new tryouts, new visions, new partnerships. Based on our own experience of connecting, engaging and performing hundreds of distance-neutral customized teams, we can say today that it is the best way to gain infinite digital power. We tell you why in the following paragraphs so you can see if it may also work with you.

First, let’s untangle the concept. Distance-neutral customized teams (or squads) are composed of members from different specialties, autonomous in setting priorities and able to develop a project from start to finish – regardless of their physical location. They are like small versions of a company, or mini-startups, as they also have the practice, for example, of developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) with constant market testing over shorter cycles.

This type of team is already helping many game-changers overcome a critical challenge: How to scale quickly while addressing increasingly demanding customers and a shortage of qualified talent?

So, instead of having rigid teams organized by areas, with segmented, hierarchical support structures and staff for decision-making, distance-neutral customized teams are built and connected for each specific innovation request with the right minds, wherever they are. It results in a more horizontal, self-organized, flexible and collaborative structure and a staff that focuses on aligning teams with business purpose and culture, and on ensuring high productive, high engaged and high happiness members – in the office or in the other point of the globe.

They can include strategists, developers, engineers, designers, makers and dreamers. They are quality-driven and results-oriented. They participate in the whole digital product/service development journey (from ideation to testing and deployment). They are efficiently managed and connected through tools and methods that enable them to give their best anywhere, anytime. These tools and methods are what make all the difference in leveraging teams’ performance and morale – whether their members work side by side or miles away. That’s what our framework is for and that’s the real meaning of “distance neutral”. Through it, the connection between people, the way they interact, engage, learn, teach each other, and perform overcomes the place they are in. What really matters is keeping them all the time feeling close and part of the whole.

With this distance-neutral customized teams connected through a unique framework, there are no barriers to access the people needed for business expansion and for never stop innovating. On the contrary, global talents bring additional global thinking, global inspiration, global insights and global experiences that are definitely a plus for any company.

All of this truly amplifies the chances of success. With 100% dedicated teams you can connect the best of your business (goals, culture, practices) with the best-prepared professionals (Best Minds, Best Where) in a global framework (strategy, technology, methods, tools, data), resulting in sustainable and infinite digital power. Why sustainable and infinite? Because you can exponentially increase the number of teams without losing purpose alignment, proximity, product quality and business profitability.

Unlocking digital opportunities

Invillia’s global framework is transforming the way companies with high digital demands are expanding their growth power and unlocking digital opportunities.

Here is a 3-step summary of how we can also help to scale your business:

1) We get into your goals, mission and culture in a profound way. Adding our strategic and technological vision for end-to-end solutions development.

2) We design, connect and manage the best innovation team for each one of your challenges, no matter where the talent lives.

3) We continuously qualify and empower every team in a super personalized way, focused on quality delivery, incremental and fast results.

It all starts with a rigorous talent recruitment and training methodology. And continues with one-to-one mentoring and education-first programs: with technical, emotional and leadership skill-ups led and managed by Invillia Academy, our internal university. Among many things, it offers YourClass Studio, an open space for anyone to produce content and share knowledge. In parallel, our practices and tools break down all fences between working at the office or anywhere on the planet in a project that today is a reference for engagement, performance and integration. Today we are 500+ connected people. In a capacity of expansion without limits.

What about you? What are your limits? Count with our distance-neutral customized teams to achieve infinite digital power. Let’s have a chat and do more together 🙂

Posted at 01/09/2020


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