The Invillia Squad Health Check model to visualize and measure teams performance and morale, and why you should also adopt it.

How can you fix or improve something if you don’t know exactly how things are going? Impossible, right? This applies to anything in our lives and businesses, but our focus here is regarding teams – the centerpiece for the success of any organization.

Attract, retain and motivate the best talents is one of the biggest challenges faced today, namely by companies with high digital demands that continuously need to innovate and expand their growth power. There are several good practices to make it and one of them is a systematic “check-up” to ensure that everything is being done to build high-performing and high-happiness teams.

That’s precisely the focus of the eBook “Squad Health Check in Practice”. Following our knowledge transfer culture, you will discover the Invillia model to visualize and measure teams efficiency and morale, and why you should also adopt it (it even includes questions and a card deck ready to print!).

If you are managing developers, engineers, strategists, makers and dreamers, this eBook is for you. The eBook covers:

  • What is a Squad Health Check, its goals and stakeholders
  • Why is it important for building high-happiness and always-learning teams?
  • How does it work?
  • Invillia’s Squad Health Check Card Deck
  • The 4 main domains to get insights: Culture, Business, Organizational and Technical
  • Tips and best practices for success
  • Your turn: Print and start using in your company
  • Conclusion and next steps

Join us in this journey and unveil your teams strengths (to be exploited) and pain points (to be addressed).

Get your free copy!

Posted at 12/12/2019


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