Global game-changers or a handful of inspiring visionaries? What can we learn with entrepreneurs that are disrupting the world as we know it? Is there any secret recipe ready to be adopted by others? According to our own experience, if you follow some of their unique characteristics you can expand your digital business to a whole new level.

Fact check: Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

The best breakthroughs arise when leaders collaborate with the best minds. Together they create or revolutionize a business model that completely changes the way something is done, thought or delivered. Global game-changers represent the world-in-progress, they are pioneers, they risk, they dare to never stop innovating. They discover new manners to execute a task that is much more agile and convenient than traditional ones, they launch products and services that open new avenues of economic growth and they may even transform the genesis of an industry. They listen to the market, they make dreams come true, they provide unapparelled user experiences and they are able to enlarge their footprint without limits.

That’s what Microsoft and Amazon did some years ago…That’s what Netflix and Uber are doing nowadays. And also companies like PagSeguro, UOL, C6 Bank, 99app, Movile, iFood, Flaner, and Unitrust – game-changers that, by the way, Invillia has been helping to exponentially expand digital power.

What do these global game-changers have in common? They all have four characteristics that can be adopted by any digital business willing to grow… Why not yours?

#1: They can quickly scale

Game-changers have the ability to create and deliver digital products/services with the same success in both the launch phase (StartUp) and the growth phase (ScaleUp). They don’t lose agility, they can continuously address market demands, consider customer feedback, develop new features and always innovate. The expansion stage is, in fact, one of the most delicate and difficult moments in the innovation chain – where it is easy to fail if there’s a lack of responsiveness if the company doesn’t move at the speed of the market. For companies with ambitions to compete at the top, at a given time they need partners with a vocation that goes far beyond building digital products and services. They need a deep business increment, a continued fit and compromise with their goals and culture, a real-time response framework that is flexible enough to be unique to each challenge. Successful game-changers count on partners that help them scale and expand digital growth with customized, collaborative and multidisciplinary squads – from product/service idealization to delivery and continuous improvement.

#2: They have access to the best talents

Game-changers can overcome the lack of qualified human resources in the market, essentially engineers, developers, strategists, creatives and UX designers – all of these prime functions to unlock digital opportunities. Brilliant minds are the center-piece of innovation and without them, it’s impossible to keep that path over time and easily companies fall behind. This is especially critical in big city centers, where there is a lot of competition for talent. Game-changers have access to what they need by working with partners that connect, perform and provide “BestMinds, BestWhere”. Talents that have the right skills to address any digital demand and are integrated into an education-first, distance-neutral and quality-driven framework.

#3 They are open-minded

Game-changers remove the word “barriers” from their dictionary. Their talents work from anywhere. Limited physical space is not an obstacle for growing and having the teams they need to keep innovating and evolving their digital products/services. And that’s why they build long-term partnerships with companies with the same vision. Partners that have a rigorous methodology for talent recruitment, training, and empowerment. Partners that guarantee that game-changers can work with the best talents in the market for each particular challenge, wherever they are. They don’t even have to worry about people management. They just need help in creating and developing end-to-end digital solutions with the right set of skills and that’s what they get.

#4: They have time to innovate

Game-changers never stop growing because they have governance support with an embedded culture in both internal and external resources. They have rigorous metrics and traceability of what is being done at any given time. They have a perfect alignment between technology and business. They can put all their energy into innovation. They trust in partners with a 360º fit into their culture, ensuring full transparency, work visibility, and maturity to manage people. Customized squads involvement in the business and culture is so big that help throughout the whole product/service journey, adding an innovative mindset to in-house teams. Game-changers count with partners that have their own tools, methodologies, and workflows to bring the best talents for every need, anywhere in the world that is needed.

Game-changers with high digital demands lean on partners like Invillia to expand their growth power and reinforce their innovative DNA. As a global human-tech framework, we connect and perform very customized innovation teams in an unparalleled way. And you also can take advantage of it. You also can take advantage of what global game-changers do to get out of the “ordinary” and gain agility. Successful game-changers are not isolated in a bubble, they believe in cooperation, they build win-win partnerships to drive growth. Invillia is a game-changer expert ready to give you infinite digital power.

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Posted at 12/10/2019